Jess Hazell

today the blows winded

and the rumbles thundered

and the fallings rained.

I thought it would make me gloomy,

I thought the gray would render me colourless

I thought the heavy water would swirl around until it swallowed me up

But instead,

I found myself cozily tucked away in an envelope of peace

And the rumbles and fallings and blows gave me an overwhelming sense of the bigness of God

The low rumbles bent me even lower

The winds ushered in a whisper I hadn’t heard before

The rain cooled the hurry and hot-headedness in me

Our thunderstorms are always hemmed in by the Day,

by light that will always come,

by shouts of joy that will rival the groaning rumblings of the deep dark.

Our thunderstorms are hemmed in by the Day.



Jess Hazell

Jess Hazell

A documentation of the rambling, the wrestling, the wondering, the pondering, the questioning, the resting, the finding, the knowing.